Upgrade of MGO boiler supply systems of several oil tankers. All jobs were performed on board and while sailing.

Replacement of pipe work in engine room and deck, modify cargo lines, overhaul valves in engine room and PV valves in cargo tanks. Repair of boilers and incinerators. Fabrication of funnels.

Fabrication of complete new forepeak.

Repair and fabrication of combined exhaust gas boiler in southern Spain.

Fabrication of exhaust gas boiler and installation on board the vessel.

Integral block replacement of Diesel Engine type MAN D 2876 LE 301.  The generator block and cylinder nº 4 were broken with the piston out. The injection system not working, pump also broken.

LPG Tanker vessel in dry dock for Class renewal survey.

Perform overhaul in Main Engine, air compressors and air bottles. Repair oil coolers, air coolers and fresh water coolers. Replace thermal insulation. Perform overhaul in engine room valves and pumps.

Tall ship cruise in dry dock for Class renewal.

Integral alternator overhaul, including bearings replacement, rotor and stator cleaning, diodes ckecking and shaft alignment .