ISO 9001:2008

STEP is committed to deliver products and provide service that follow the higher standards of quality and that completely fulfil all of the customers requisites, our Quality Policy, and that conforms to each project specific code or standard requirements.

To achieve this, a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001 has been implemented. Our QA/QC Department has outlined Quality Plans with guidelines, which are followed throughout every project in which STEP is involved. To ensure that these are carried out, inspections for Quality Control are performed to assess and evaluate that the product or service provided is in accordance and conforms to what has been contracted.

Prevention and communication are key words on achieving an end product of the highest quality. By working as a team, there is a continuous involvement between Project Managers, Foremen and Inspectors during all the phases of a project, which leads to foreseeing or to swiftly mitigate any possible undesirable situation that may occur.

To enable a continuous improvement, STEP is always mindful to the feedback from our customers and technicians, and based on this implements measures to enhance where required, the Quality of all the services provided.

In today’s increasingly complex, highly specialized and global economy, compliance with established practices play a vital role in our competitiveness and strength. Providing the correct credentials of our technicians to our customers is very important to us as this shows that they have relevant skills, knowledge, constant training and are updated to modern technologies so as to respond to market changes and increased demands of our customers. Our Specialized offshore personnel have acquired all the necessary training and documentation to carry out the project in a safe and efficient manner.

Another key factor is STEP’s own certification as a company. It is our goal to maintain the current certifications held, and to obtain new certifications in accordance with the market needs and trends, in order to comply with the increasingly strictness of requirements. This is supported by certification with the main classification societies.

To assure that all the personnel’s and company’s certifications are valid and capable of embracing a wide variety of work scopes, we are committed in having a constant monitoring by our accessed and approved Quality Management System that conforms to ISO 9001:2015 requirements and Step Quality Policy.

ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System
Welding Workshop Approval Certificate –
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